Why Engage a CLO?

Header Image: Why Engage a CLO?

Get a new perspective on handling business issues.

Starting or growing a business is difficult. It takes the right in-house business and legal experience to build success quickly. Many CEOs have expertise in a particular area, but may not have knowledge about the possibilities that exist for quickly advancing the business. Too many companies have learned too late that well-intentioned business decisions have actually left them on rocky ground, or slowed their ability to grow, creating expensive business or legal issues that could have been prevented.

Industry experts deliver asset-building services

Your Palladium CLO is a knowledgeable business and executive team partner with the industry expertise to collaborate on a broad range of business and legal issues. He or she performs all the typical legal services required of a business, but mainly helps your business meet objectives by adding value and assets more effectively and faster.

Your CLO works with your internal team and other outsourced services to:

  • get products approved for market faster with better claims
  • find a win-win solution to third-party infringement without spending millions on a lawsuit
  • identify and develop third-party alliances to keep the business going despite a lack of equity or debt financing
  • protect intellectual property in any business model
  • find additional revenue sources from intellectual property
  • identify and create additional assets that increase your company‚Äôs value

Palladium CLOs have the the right business and industry experience to help companies gain the buisness intelligence and risk management needed to meet critical objectives with more ease and less risk.