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Business and Legal Advantage for Domestic & International Companies.

Palladium Chief Legal Officers was founded in 2007 by Dawn Ely in Atlanta, Georgia. Ms. Ely started Palladium after nearly two decades of serving as a Chief Legal Officer in healthcare and technology companies, where she managed business units while providing corporate legal work and strategic business counsel.

As an in-house counsel, Ms. Ely became aware of the advantage and value her role provided to larger and well-funded companies and realized that the same could be true for small- and mid-sized companies who often had limited access to quality legal and business counsel. With a belief that the innovative small business market could greatly benefit from the same business-focused legal in-house expertise that larger companies enjoyed, she started Palladium.

Palladium CLOs is not a law firm nor is it a recruiting or temporary staffing company. Palladium offers ongoing part-time and interim legal executives to help companies save on the infrastructure costs associated with hiring a full-time employee. Palladium CLOs are fully acquainted with the industries in which they work, and the day-to-day in-house business environment. From the first day the CLO arrives at a company, he or she is ready to work collaboratively with other company executives to make critical business decisions.

Palladium offers flat-fee rates based on the level of service a business needs to ensure companies can budget expenses while meeting strategies and objectives across domestic and global entities.