Part-time, in-house CLOs offer valuable business advantages

Once available only to large companies, today every business can have an in-house legal executive – without the high costs of a permanent employee or the unpredictability of “as needed” hourly fees.

Palladium CLOs help companies establish a solid foundation, make better business decisions and minimize risk – at a fraction of the cost required to hire full-time General Counsel.

More than just attorneys, our highly-experienced CLOs are business leaders who act proactively and decisively on business and legal challenges to:

  • Identify opportunities and liabilities not readily seen by other managers
  • Provide insight into business and legal paths to enhance operations
  • Create intellectual property asset opportunties and strong protection of asset value
  • Identify the components and goals for strategic alliance relationships to create favorable contracts
  • Protect and advance business interests and strategic relationships

Palladium CLOs work directly with executives on the management team -to add a legal/business expertise perspective. They also answer questions and structure business activities that better accomplish goals while minimizing legal and business problems.Since they work in-house, where the critical decisions are made every day, they provide the same accessibility, accountability and convenience you’d expect from a permanent employee.